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Race City Short Block, Blueprinted and line-bored, fully machined and assembled

Was: $349.95
Now: $315.00
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13.50 LBS
$12.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

The best short block kit available. Machined and assembled by one of the best engine builders around. All work done in house in our fully equipped machine shop.




Blueprinted and line-bored block

Lightweight piston with lightweight wrist pin and clips

Low Tension Ring Set

Blueprinted rod

Max Stroke Crankshaft

Low drag oil seals

Extra Clearance crank bearings

AKRA or NKA Cam 


Crank case sidecover with 6 bolts and gasket

Oil drain plugs

Oil fill plugs

Dowel pins


We also have full engines available and full engine tune-up specials.

Call us for all your go kart engine needs. 704-436-7397.