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Race City Race Parts Cam NKA RCP-5

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1.30 LBS

Race City Race Parts Cam - RCP-5

Low Duration Racing Cam


Race City Race Parts Cam will pass NKA Rules check. Our cams have a softer ramp rate on the nose of the cam to help prevent valve float.

RPM Range up to 7000 plus.

This cam will turn more RPM's then the RCP-4 cam.

Our latest NKA cam for the clone engines. This will be replacing our RCP-1 cam.

This new cam offers a larger peak and gross horsepower along with more torque.

If you are happy with RCP – 3 cam you will love our new RCP – 5 cam.


****we recommend the RCP-2 or the RCP-4 cam for all restrictor plate motors***